When we hear the word contemporary, we often think about modern styles, colors, and textures, as well as technology and futuristic designs. However, when we think of the term so deeply, it is one of the broadest terms we have in the English dictionary.

Contemporary, by definition, means occurring or belonging in the present times, and this means it is not static, but rather dynamic. The landscaping Denton is able to provide modern ways on how to make your lawn and landscape interesting and contemporary.

To elaborate on the definition of contemporary, we may take these into consideration:

1. Interior design – contemporariness can be seen through the materials and the decors used in the house as well as the equipment, tools, kinds of furniture and appliances the house is equipped

2. Architecture – how was the house built? What are the structural designs distinct from the other old architectural designs from the past?

In this article, we will share with you what makes a landscape contemporary? Below are the examples.

Sustainable and Naturalistic

The present times are dealt with different weather conditions brought by global warming and other effects of carbon accumulation and pollution. This is the very reason why contemporary design is also geared towards having what is naturalistic and sustainable. When it comes to gardening and landscaping, contemporary means using environmentally-friendly materials for the landscape and using efficient water irrigation to conserve water. Also, minimizing the use of chemicals and other materials that contain toxins to the environment.

Modern Gardens

Modern gardens are characterized by the hard-edged and clean-lined landscape that is also minimalist in nature. And because minimalistic is the trend now, concrete and color white are the combination that is mostly used by the customers and clients. They know that less is more, and that white is clean.

The concrete surface provides a hard-edged look for anything you want and build in your landscape area or space. In fact, they can be used for pots and other storage equipment for flowers and such.

The color white is also believed to be elegant simple, and sophisticated, and this why most homeowners as well as gardeners incorporate the color white to any home project. You do not need to provide different shades as the color white is neutral.


This style combines the traditional and contemporary elements in the garden and landscape and is most fitting for American homes. The homeowners do not need to abandon and replace the old structures; they just need to add some contemporary elements and styles to make a perfect harmony between the past and the present.

How about you? If you are planning on remodeling and/or repairing your landscape and lawn, you may want to try the contemporary things we mentioned above. You can entirely change your garden in your yard and make it into something interesting! Of course, if you are too tired to do this, you can contact your trusted landscapers to provide you the service you want.